Susanna Fraser | Historical Romance Author


“A simple and tender seasonal story with a message of love and acceptance at its heart.” — All About Romance on Christmas Past

“[Susanna Fraser is] a go-to writer for Regency romance that is actually set in the Regency rather than in that Never-Neverland mash-up that’s been dubbed ‘The Recency’ or ‘Almackistan.’”
— Willaful at Karen Knows Best

“…the romance in this story was very sweet. Sydney was immediately relatable and likeable, because she faced such a serious conflict and wanted to make an ethical decision that would preserve the lives of her loved ones.”
Dear Author on Christmas Past

“Courage and love can overcome.”
New Age Mama on A Dream Defiant

“This is easily one of the best historical romances I’ve read.”
Romantic Historical Reviews on An Infamous Marriage

“It emphasizes the fragility of Lucy’s status and the dangerous complexity of human nature, giving it an almost gothic feel at times. And how can you go wrong with a hero of less than average height who seems ten feet tall at the end?”
Heroes and Heartbreakers on A Marriage of Inconvenience

“…historical fiction with a can’t-tear-your-eyes-away-from-it love story at the center.”
Julia Spencer-Fleming on The Sergeant’s Lady

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